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Great Houses of Calderia

Upcoming generational Grand Strategy Game set in the fantastic land of Calderia inspired by the Renaissance. Build your family’s legacy of power and rise in the ranks of the Great Houses of Calderia!

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Great Houses of Calderia is a modern and accessible grand strategy game where you’ll have to lead your family through multiple generations, building its legacy of power in Calderia, a fantastic land full of legends and myths.

You are not controlling a leader alone, you have also to manage the members of your family like the rulers of yore!

  • Manage your house leaders and their unruly families through their own stories and wishes.
  • Appoint and manage your family members to key tasks against their will or not.
  • Take into consideration traits and personality of each character to get the best from them.
  • Characters’ personalities and traits change over time and events that have occurred to them.

Take the critical decisions during battles and major diplomatic events such as marriages, jousts, etc. to gain every advantage over your rivals to become the Greatest House of Calderia!

  • Manage battles through the Real-time tactical resources management system.
  • Allocate resources in diplomacy and intrigue as well as social events.
  • Spend an equal amount of time managing diplomatic challenges as wars.

Discover the fantastic land of Calderia, its legends and myths, shape it with your actions and generates endless stories!

  • Define the traditions, values and goals of your family. You have unlimited possibilities
  • Experience the personal stories of your extended family and their descendants and see your reputation grow.
  • Change the world mythos and give new name to the places where your family has left their mark (battle/event…).

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